Reliable Guidance During Emotional Times

Martin Law has advised a comprehensive range of individuals over the course of decades. As a result, we possess the kind of seasoned legal judgment you can rely on confidently when making your most difficult decisions.

Our experience also means we can assess how judges will measure the all-important "best interests of the child" test in your case. We can advise you as to steps you can take to increase your likelihood of success in meeting that standard.

We Can Be That Trusted Adviser For You

The most difficult decisions during a divorce are often associated with child custody issues. Particularly when emotions ride high, you want to rest easier knowing that you are relying on the objective and informed judgment of a trusted adviser.

Our firm's team of lawyers works with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds. They include people facing common child custody decisions as well as those in unique situations such as professional athletes, executives and public figures.

We understand how to advise you strategically, taking into account your whole legal picture. In that way, we can provide you with legal representation tailored to your unique circumstances and goals.

In doing so, we often serve as part of a larger team of advisers. We know how to work with financial advisers, medical professionals and other members of such teams.

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