Renewing my Green Card or Removing Conditions?

When renewing your green card, it is extremely important to confirm whether you have ten year green card or a two year green card. If you have a two year green card then you are not "renewing" it, but instead, removing the conditions on your permanent resident status.

Removing the conditions on your status requires showing that you and your spouse (through whom you received your green card) married in "good faith." You may generally do this by providing evidence to show that you are still living together in marital union. The form to remove the conditions on your residence is not the same form used to simply renew your green card.

To remove the conditions on your residence you use Form I-751; to just renew a green card you use Form I-90. Both types of applications are presently taking over a year for USCIS to process. If you are not absolutely sure of what you are doing, call our office for help.